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Aesthetics Marketing Mastery Course

 Aesthetic Injectors:
'“ Attract patients on social media using under the radar psychology ”


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How patients think in 2023 and how you can use their psychology to attract them better

The rules have changed in 2023.

The market shifted.

As injectors, it's our duty to move WITH the market and not against it.

Doing so will alow us to have a smooth understanding about how patients REALLY think so we can attract them better.

Bad marketing is repulsive.

I'm sure you've seen it.

Maybe you didnt really understand why, but you felt it was off.

In this free training i will be covering the exact journey every patient NEEDS to take in order to eventually become your patient.


Sell WITHOUT selling

So how do you do it?

Well the answer is :

 Sell using the power of under the radar psychology and learn to apply it fast 

If you want to learn how to do that as an aesthetic injector on social media,
sign up for this free mini course before we close it up.
(*seats limited)


This will work for you :

- Even if you don't have thousands of followers.
(it's designed to take your social media from any level to an absolute badass level)

- Even if you are a beginner.
(patients dont buy from experts, they buy from a point of connection, you'll learn how to create that)

- You've tried a bunch of stuffs and failed. (you don't need the next fancy tactic as you'll soon see in the course, you need a solid proven system)

In this course you will learn :

✅ Why do injectors struggle on social media
✅ The "hooked effect"
✅ Marketing fuel
✅ Aesthetics Clarity Roadmap


Meet your mentor: Dr. Norman

- Board certified doctor in Sweden

- Aesthetic injector and owner of Vellure Esthetics Clinic in Sweden

- Aesthetic Mentor

- Released the first Botox and Fillers master online training course in swedish

- Market innovator

Dr. Norman
Instagram : @doktor.norman

Register for the FREE mini course

Copyright 2021 : Aesthetics Marketing Mastery Course

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