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 Aesthetic Injectors:
'“ Gain followers into die-hard patients & fans on social media using under the radar psychology ”


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I hate selling...

I really do.

Always something a little creepy about it...little too desperate about it.
and if you're like me, you probably agree.

But without selling, there is no business.

I understood that, but i needed a better way to do it.
A more elegant way.

Hi, i'm Dr. Norman.

So how do you sell without selling?
Is it possible?

While it took me years of studying marketing, taking a whole lotta courses and testing for my clinic, it was not so obvious but i finally cracked it.


Sell WITHOUT selling

So how do you do it?

Well the answer is :

 Sell using the power of under the radar psychology and do it in less than 10 mins/day 

If you want to learn how to do that as an aesthetic injector and gain followers into die-hard patients and fans on social media,
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This will work for you :

- Even if you don't have thousands of followers.
(it's designed to take your social media from any level to an absolute badass level)

- Even if you are a beginner.
(patients dont buy from experts, they buy from a point of connection, you'll learn how to create that)

- Spend 0$ on social media ads. ( you want to keep your costs low, ads are for later.)

- You've tried a bunch of stuffs and failed. (you don't need the next fancy tactic as you'll soon see in the course, you need a solid proven system)

In this course you will learn :

✅ Why do injectors struggle on social media
✅ The "hooked effect"
✅ Marketing fuel
✅ Aesthetics Clarity Roadmap : Overview
✅ 2 under the radar psychological hooks that will turn followers into die-hard patients and fans

Meet your mentor: Dr. Norman

- Board certified doctor in Sweden

- Aesthetic injector and owner of Vellure Esthetics Clinic in Sweden

- Aesthetic Mentor

- Released the first Botox and Fillers master online training course in swedish

- CEO of a marketing agency for 4 years.

- Market innovator

Dr. Norman
Instagram : @doktor.norman

Register for the FREE mini course

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