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Aesthetics Marketing Golden Circle

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 Aesthetic Injectors:
Increase your profits by 73% and retain your patients by having your own custom clinic mobile app



Only $19/month Today + 3 Extra Bonus 
(paid monthly, cancel anytime)

Having your own app for your clinic can do the following for your business :

Never lose your patients again by communicating with them at the tip of your finger : group all your patients in the app
Notify them directly on their phone : stop competing for attention on social media for patients who already came to you, talk to them directly with a push notification.
Increase retention of patients by using the Reward feature in the app : Loyal patients can be rewarded with a point system within the app.
Book directly from the app : Your app will connect with whichever booking system you have.
Deliver content directly to your patients within the app. (text, video, images)
Increase your brand power with your own app : Studies show that patients trust clinics with their own app 46% more.
Stand out by having an app with beautiful aesthetics and smooth technology.
Shoutout any sales you hold DIRECTLY to their phone. ( this increases on average 73% profits)


This offer will expire soon!

Set up fee : $120 (one time payment)
Monthly fee : 30$/month

(Regular price $49/month)

Get your app delivered in 3 days.

Access the app on Mobile and Tablet (Android and Ios)


Stop losing patients again

Here's what the studies show :
Aesthetic clinics lose on average around 64% of patients who ever visited them in the first place.


Thats a lot.

Imagine what you could do if you could get that number down to 20%.

That would allow you to :
1. Stop stressing about generating new patients
2. Increase your profits massively
3. Increase the amount of referrals to your aesthetics business

The real problem is you dont have a system to retain your patients

Social is one way but why compete with everyone on social media for attention when these are your patients anyway?

There is a better, easier way of doing things that require almost zero effort and time from your part while achieving the goal :

Only 120$ Set up fee and
$30/month Today
(paid monthly, cancel anytime)

We deliver this :

Your app ready in your hands in 3 days
✅ Your custom logo och colours for your aesthetics business
Whatsapp support chat
✅ Connect with any booking system you use
Posted on Google Play for android users : FREE ( google charges 25$ PER YEAR FOR THIS)
✅ Posted on App Store for iphone users : FREE ( App store charges 99$ per year for this)
Pay monthly, cancel anytime. No questions asked.
Post content, notify your patients whenever you want with 2 clicks.
Unlimited downloads allowed (most companies charge you more while you grow, we dont)
✅ Video tutorials on how to use and post content.

Here's how it works :

Step 1 : Place an order for the app

Step 2 : Fill in a form with your clinic name, logo, colour preferences, custom background picture of your choice if you wish, website link, list of treatments and prices, etc.

Step 3 : Get your app ready to use in 3 days

Step 4 : Let us know if you want any changes

Step 5 : Agree about the app designs and features and let us publish it for you!

Step 6 : Your app is now LIVE

Step 7 : Follow the tutorial on how to get your patients to download the app

Step 8 : Enjoy the benefits of your own app

Want to see how 1 app looks and want to play around with it?

Click the link below (on mobile) and see for yourself how responsive, beautiful and easy your app will be to use.


Dr. Norman, Sweden


Ace, Copywriting Master


Analysing data of what's really working helps create amazing results, and thats why we brought social media analyst expert Alexandra on the team as a mentor.

The amount of value you'll be getting on this learning platform just doesnt any get better compared to any course out there, period.

You have to win.

.......But there is more?

Allow me to over-deliver?

Like i said earlier, for a short amount of time, you can join today for only
$19/month and get 3 massive bonus right away, plus it's risk free as you can cancel anytime or ask for a full refund if you dont like it.

Get ready to live like the 10% of injectors in the aesthetic business,

See you inside,
Dr. Norman


What are our members saying?

" This is by far the best learning experience i've ever seen when it comes to aesthetic marketing for us injectors, insane value and extremely easy to learn something daily on the go, best money i've ever invested! "
Dr Kate. M
" Been a member for 5 months now and i personally love the daily teachings and strategies that doesnt require long hours of investment cuz i'm pretty busy. Generated so many bookings by using the strategies, eternally grateful 🙏 "
Nurse injector Rachel. H
" Absolutely love that Dr. Norman focuses both of the strategies business lessons and the daily emotional blocks that before used to stop me from getting things done! "
Nadiyah. A


Joined and you dont like it?

No big deal, request a full refund and cancel anytime you want.

As you read this isnt a course, it's a continuous learning platform where we add content daily to get you to win so if ever you feel like you aren't getting the value for your money at any point, no hassel no stress, email us and we'll refund you.

This is 100% risk free on your part.

Welcome to the
Aesthetics Marketing Golden Circle

Only $19/month Today! (+ 3 Extra Bonus )

Inside the Golden Circle monthly membership,
you'll get :

Weekly aesthetics marketing ideas delivered 3 times a week, that you can use right away and start generating bookings on social media
1 viral post analysis per week and breakdown
Weekly Aesthetics Business Lessons that will make understanding the business of aesthetics feel like a piece of cake
Daily business reminders that will fuel you and keep you going.
Daily motivational reminders that will remind you of your journey
Copywriting wisdom delivered in simple language that will make writing any piece of content easy and straight forward, yet powerful to attract patients
Weekly tested ideas for your instagram stories and feed posts that you can use right away!
Your marketing questions answered weekly
Live Mastermind Aesthetic Marketing lectures with Dr. Norman
1. Aesthetics Marketing Secrets ebook (Value $29)
7 Marketing Secrets from 7 injectors who built their aesthetic business from scratch into a fully booked practice

How much would it help you if you could have a personal conversation with 7 injectors who built their business from scratch into a fully booked practice?

A lot right.

Thats exactly what i did here with 7 injectors who are also friends of mine from different countries.

Each will talk about 1 marketing secret that helped them WIN.

You'll love those personal conversations transcribed into book format.

Aesthetics Marketing Secrets.png

2. Psychology of Aesthetic Marketing Video Course (Value $99)

3. Hashtag strategy course (Value $99)

Total Value : $280
Normal Price : $49/month

JOIN TODAY for $19/month (paid monthly, cancel anytime)


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