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Aesthetic Marketing Secrets
" 7 Aesthetic Marketing Secrets from 7 injectors who built their businesses
from scratch to millions "


My mentor once said ' Success leaves clues' . In this book we'll be getting 7 tips from injectors who built their aesthetic businesses their own way.

They all used different strategies but you will be inspired by their stories and struggles. Whether you are an beginner or an injector building their own business, you'll learn some important insights and strategies, and mindsets as well that will help make your journey easier!

Some bonus chapters have also been added to the book on aesthetic marketing, i think you'll enjoy them as well.

A short read in a no-bullshit approach style.

Available as :

1. Pdf format ( 205 pages)

2. Audiobook ( 50 mins )

3. Videobook ( 50 mins )


Keep winning,

Dr. Norman

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